Individuals and organizations are experiencing unrelenting pressure to do more with more.

More competition. More technology. More uncertainty. More change.

We help leaders and their teams engage more effectively to minimize risk and maximize return on strategic investments.


We partner with leaders and their teams to UNLEASH performance and accountability. Our high involvement approach will identify opportunities to:

  • Focus people on critical business priorities
  • Improve cross-functional performance
  • Sustain results during times of growth and change


We offer tailored solutions and consulting services that deliver:

  • TRACTION on intended results
  • COMMITMENT to work across areas of expertise
  • CAPACITY for self-leadership
  • MOMENTUM on what really matters

“A quick, informative, must read for any organization experiencing change and growth!”

— Lisa Rubino, Sr. VP,
Molina Healthcare, Inc.

The Book

How can we prevent our organizations from becoming like the reality television show ‘Survivor?’ People divided into tribes (think silos), find themselves isolated in the wilderness (think further and further from your customer and internal partners) as they compete in a series of challenges (think budgeting) for cash and other prizes (think compensation and status) and are progressively voted off the island (think downsizing).

We need to help people be more effective across silos. As companies make major investments in technology and reorganization, or simply look for ways to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, this imperative becomes much more critical to return on investment and managing risk.


The Team

Partnership Advantage is composed of senior professionals with a deep commitment to partnership—with each other, with our clients, and within our client systems. Our team brings expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, technology solutions, culture change, and workforce engagement. We are committed to creating more value than we consume.

Tamara Sicard
Founding Partner

Diana Hendel
Senior Partner


Tom Turnley
Trainer / Consultant


Strategic Partners

Partnership Advantage is always looking for ways to expand our capacity to meet or exceed our clients’ needs. Our strategic partners offer a unique set of skills and resources that allow Partnership Advantage to scale our efforts as needed.